About Us


We founded this INSTALCO SP. ZO.O due to our love to nature and dedication to helping people eat healthier and live better. Our organic products are produced without any chemicals or pesticides. Our fruits and vegetables grow as Mother Nature tells them too, while our animals eat natural food, free of hormones and pesticides. 
Buying from us, you will be able to contribute to supporting the sustainable agricultural movement that is utmost important for the well-being of population and the entire planet. 
Our products are nutritious and contribute to the health and strength of your body. We use biodynamic farming principles and put our customers first! Our farming doesn't affect the environment and contributes to its preservation. 
We care for people and nature!
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The Benefits of Our Ecological Farm

Variety of organic products

Our ecological farm grows a variety of fruits and vegetables in a healthy soil, away from chemicals and pesticides. We respect nature!

Ecological animal products

We care for animals and make sure they receive only natural food and the appropriate treatment. We respect animals!

Healthy lives

Our clients have the chance to purchase 100% organic products that contribute to their vitality and healthy lifestyle. We respect you!

Natural fertilized soil

To be able to enjoy organic and healthy products, we have to first take care of our soil. We use only in-farm organic compost to naturally fertilize the soil.

Environment friendly

Our ecofarm contributes to the preservation of the environment, from reducing the use of water and pollution to using kitchen waste to make compost. 

Chemical free

All our crops and products are chemical and pesticide free. Our ecofarm is dedicated to nature.